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WHY ...- Outsourcing - Staff from East EU?


The reason for outsourcing should not be the cost reduction, because a poor quality development and programming abroad is cheaper, but does not lead to success and is in the end much more expensive until you reach your destination.


MANPOWER-EU has been developing since 1998 in Eastern Europe. The reasons for this are the outstanding education at universities and the enthusiasm and the determination of the people to achieve something in order to increase the low standard of living for German conditions. "Does not work" does not exist "


This leads to a 100% identification with the project / product. Working hours, vacation, illness, distraction by surroundings are here secondary and not project relevant. This leads to a very high degree of reliability and determination.


What sets MANPOWER-EU apart from everyone !!! other outsourcing partner? MANPOWER-EU has suburbs the innovation carriers and visionaries directly at the team. We do not broker orders from Germany to third party companies in Eastern Europe, we process the orders ourselves on site. We have gained the benefits of the last 25 years, as it allows us to control the efficiency and the resulting success. Abuses, undesirable developments, unnecessary capital outflow are history.


In addition, all of our visionaries also do business in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) and are based in order to feel the ravages of time and to recognize and incorporate developments early enough. With MANPOWER-EU you have the global network and the most efficient implementation of your projects.

Solutions for different employment relationships

  • longtherm company contract

  • project company contract

  • freelancer contract

  • Hours contracts

  • part time contracts

  • project base in-house

  • inhouse staff

  • recruitment

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Successfull sent

Since 2008 we work successfully together in the field of hardware development. With Manpower EU, we were able to increase our comapany to 70 employees. Ascending trend.

Ivan Kuten,  CTO Promward

The flexibility and easy placement of workers has often helped us with timely submission deadlines. The quality of the staff always surprised us. Priced also unbeatable.

Vincent Krüger, CTO SAP Solution & Innovation GmbH & Co KG

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