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outsourcing capacities

IT- professionals

Quick & Easy



Finding qualified workers in the field of IT is tedious and difficult. The uncertainty of availability and quality binds time and capital. Not conducive to any project.


We have the right capacities and the necessary flexibility to make your project financeable.


Book quality today - have it tomorrow. Temporarily freely selectable - without risk.


Experience has shown that we recommend the booking of teams of 4 persons (SCRUM efficient)



Our employees are very well trained. They have the best know-how in the industry and are always up to date. All programming languages are studied and offered.


All employees are university graduates and very reliable in their way of working, well structured and not fixed in time.


They have a high degree of self-discipline and goal orientation.


Of course, we offer a transparent workflow and a manageable billing.



All our employees are internationally applicable. You have a main department / workplace, where you work in your team and the communication channels are kept short.


In addition, they can spend up to a year working abroad, depending on the project.


Experience has shown that a mix of outsourcing and in-house projects is developing.


Just enter your capacity requirements and we will determine a cost plan.

  • Visionary / Innovations

  • Software Deveoper sen

  • Software Deveoper jun

  • IT-Architect

  • IT- Consulting

  • Hardware Engineer

  • Idustiral Designer
  • Web Designer

  • Grafik Designer 

  • Project Manager

  • Mobile Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Firmware Developer

  • Embedded Software Team Lead

  • PCB Designer

  • QA Engineer

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