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About Manpower EU


We are a team of very experienced IT visionaries and innovators. Already in 1996 we developed the first startups and launched them on the market. ALL projects are today with the most successful platforms. These include search engines, payment products, hardware products in the media sector, WIFI connectivity, aircraft and mobile transport equipment, smart cities, big data solutions and personalized advertisement servers. Through our g.i.p holding, we develop these projects for the market for our customers. Manpower EU provides the necessary capacities for this.


From our many years of experience we know about the problems of IT projects. The ideas are good, but how do I get them funded? Investors in the European area love prototypes, the seed phase is by far the most difficult calculable time. Here time means real money. Only those who work here clearly structured and calculated, will launch successfully.


Manpower- EU stands exactly for this. Only to offer the really necessary capacity to reach the stepstones, without falling into the cost trap or hiring non-qualified staff, because time is running out. Manpower- EU stands for risk minimization

Technology Network

We have about 200 IT professionals. From IT architects, consulting, software developers, hardware designers, graphic artists to project managers, we can access qualified expertise that fits your project. Due to the extraordinarily broad network of specialists (Prof. Doctors at Universities) we can also realize the "Not possible" projects.


"You do not have to know everything, but you know someone who can!

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